Wedding Workheet
It’s time to finalize your wedding schedule! I really appreciate you taking the time to answers these questions. If any question doesn't pertain to you, just type n/a. If you don't know yet, just say so. I will be calling you to discuss the details of scheduling and help plan the timeline of the day. DISCLAIMER: Due to the extensive preparatory nature of the photography timeline, I require this "Wedding Worksheet" to be completed within 2 weeks of your wedding date. If the Couple fails to provide this worksheet within 2 weeks of the wedding, Margaret Austin Photography is further released from all liability and assurances that the below images will be covered.
If your coordinator/caterer/DJ already has started a schedule for your day, please keep in mind that I will need to share our photography timeline with them, sometimes they don't know what I need, and what we all agreed on together.
If getting ready photos are included in your coverage, I will arrive to take pictures of you putting on your dress and your fiance putting on his coat/tie. At this point in the process, your hair and makeup will likely be done. NOTE: If you have amazing invitations that you would like photographed, bring them to your getting ready location and let me know if you have them that day. Also - be sure to have a wooden/fabric hanger for the photo of your dress! (The plastic hanger that comes with most dresses isn't as pretty!)
(Name and Address)
(Name and Address)
(Are you interested in a first look? Lets talk about it.)
Believe it or not, your earliest guests will begin arriving 60 minutes before your invitation "start" time. So..... the last thing we want is to have you taking pictures while they are finding their seats - EEK!! Plan for all portraits to be completed 60 minutes prior to the ceremony time listed on your invitation. I will photograph your guest arrival along with all your ceremony decor at this time. It will also be helpful to have time to freshen up before the ceremony. (If guests are being shuttled into your venue later, we can discuss)
(Please check with mom/dad before saying "no"! Sometimes they want these photos even though you don't, and we need to plan time for these images if they want them.)
In order to prevent having “too many cooks in the kitchen,” I will directly consult only with the bride and groom. Photo direction should be given primarily from the couple, but a coordinator may also assist here. STRONG SUGGESTION: I strongly encourages all Couples to (1) advise the officiant to announce family photos immediately after the ceremony, to avoid family departing for reception (2) designate a responsible person (someone not in the wedding party, but familiar with both families) to assist the Photographer immediately after the ceremony in identifying and organizing the wedding party, family, and friends for group photos.
(I can help figure out the timing if you need it)
Please let me know if you will be having the following
In addition to the special moments listed below, you may submit up to five (5) additional special image requests below (e.g., an important family member to include, a group of friends, etc.). If you would like to add more than five (5) additional special photo requests to the list we may need to additional coverage to your wedding package. I will strive to capture many special moments on your wedding day. However, it is impossible to capture everything, especially in a live-action environment with many dynamic influencing factors (e.g., large families, bad weather, late arrivals, multiple events occurring at one time, and myriad other unexpected circumstances). Therefore, I can not guarantee that every single one of the following special moments will be captured in images.